The things I’ve been lead to believe growing up Asian within a majorly White community

Jealously is the karma I must unlearn in this life, but I see now that it was rooted in the White beauty standard

My jealously shifted from person to person, spanning years of development through my life. Insecurities ranging from spending so much money on beautifying the physical, while running away from relationships because of my deeply ingrained…

realigning my career, based off of the process rather than the product

Picking a new path

I want to change my life. I’ve been doing quite well so far, but there is so much that lays stagnant in the momentum. The freedom to be able to see the people that I want to see, the financial abundance I’ve yet to truly unveil, the consistency, the fulfillment…

And why we need to be supporting local, ladies and gents!

I sat amongst a group of girls, discussing our personal qualms with finding the right partner. A mixed crescendo of complaints and hardships finding the perfect person. …

Everybody is burnout

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people complain about productivity burnout. How I’ve seen people ask for trigger warnings for those who boast about how swamped they are juggling their work load with their daily routines. …

The fear of inadequacy is enough to bring you to hatred

“I was really surprised that were you were so kind to me, because women are usually really rude to me.”

This was shortly after I had met this model at the after party after a concert my friend and…

“Your perception of me is a reflection of you”

“You slept with her? ..You could do better”

He looked at me with this intensity. A bitter disappointment that something this vile could come out of my mouth. Like I had matter of factly answered wrong to a question he‘d spent his entire life answering.

The same mouth that would…

How my reckless desire for human connection put hundreds of people at risk

Millions of people had spent the better part of 2020 indoors, locked away from any possibility of human connection. Touching another person that wasn’t a part of your immediate household seemed blasphemous. …

How Creating Happiness comes from Managing Expectations

There is typically a great disparity between who we wish to be and who we actually are. On one side, every mistake and embarrassment is backed by this unshakeable desire to be the perfect person. When our mouth falters in areas where our greatest potential could be actualized, we end…

A part of me has always been so attracted to this idea of internet popularity. These rich Youtubers, and constantly traveling Instagram Influencers have found a way to perfect the game of life. But more and more of society is seeing through the facades.

Contrived Contentment or a Pleasurable Process

As much as I can dream…

How I’ve Benefited from Staying Silent in Most Scenarios

“Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.” — Jimi Henrix

As a child, stillness was lost on me. I took every chance I could to speak as if silence were equal to drowning. To speak was to breathe.

My Not So Silent Past

Every stage of my life has lead me to speaking less and less. In some…

Mama G ☀

twenty-something year old living in Toronto ☯ Aimless in her pursuit of happiness.☻

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